Hidden Depths by Gillian Popplewell

We’ve swept embarrassment under the carpet.
There’s an awkwardness between us that wasn’t there before.
He’s careful when he mentions the third party’s name.
I’m aware that I’m blushing on the rare times he does.
He isn’t going to let me forget.
His way of reminding me that he has the moral high ground.
There’s discomfort for me
In accepting the truth.
So, we’ve swept it under the carpet.
We’ve swept guilt under the carpet.
There’s a shame I feel sometimes when he catches my eye.
He’s making an effort to pay me more attention.
I’m aware how grateful I appear each time he does.
He’s enjoying my guilt.
His way of ensuring that I pay my penance
There’s remorse for me
In acknowledging my misdemeanour.
So, we’ve swept it under the carpet.
We’ve swept acceptance under the carpet.
There’s an unspoken agreement as to how to proceed.
We’re both contentiously considering each other.
A silent compliance, as if by neither of us voicing it
Then maybe time will diminish it.
So, it lies there between us, almost a lost memory.
There’s gratification for me
Knowing I am forgiven.
So, we’ve swept it under the carpet
Where dust always settles.




0 #1 Linda Ashworth 2021-06-09 18:37
Hi Gill I have just read your Hidden Depths.
It is brilliant.
Linda x