Let me dream by Jenny Palmer
Let me walk through a field of buttercups
to the accompanying hum of bees
butterflies, thronging insects
and the distant call of a curlew
Let me breathe the scent of honeysuckle
wild roses and hawthorn blossom
taste the sugary tips of red clover
and sweet vernal grass    
I’ll delight in the sight of eyebright,
yellow rattle, red campion
blue meadow cranesbill
and early purple orchids  
I’ll watch a frog journey towards a stream
where oyster catchers swoop  
and wild geese fly across the sky
to a faraway destination
I’ll weep beside the melancholy thistle
lay my head on a meadowsweet bed
of cotton grass and lady’s bedstraw  
and dream of perpetual summer



0 #2 PHILIP Burton 2021-09-11 06:30
Whoops! I haven't really changed my name to Margaret from Philip.
0 #1 Margaret Burton 2021-09-07 11:01
A fine poem, redolent of pastoral dreams. The last verse, as ever with Jenny Palmer, is worked for and splendid.