I Turn To Jack by Steven P Taylor

It’s my life
That’s for sure
I know I’ve faults
But I endure
I keep on going
I don’t turn back
Cos when all else fails
I turn to jack
I can turn to jack
And everything’s good
The world looks the way
That I hoped it would
And the problems are clearer
There’s nothing I lack
And if I find that there is
I turn to jack
I turn to jack
For the courage I need
For the answers I seek
Satisfaction guaranteed
For the peace of mind
When I hit the sack
And if I can’t sleep
I turn to jack
I turn to jack
When the creditors come calling
When the days are dark
And I feel like I’m falling
When I think I should quickly
Slip out of the back
And give them some space
 I turn to jack
I turn to jack
Cos jacks always there
Unlike fair weather friends
Who don’t really care
When I ask them for help
They are taken aback
But who gives a toss
 I turn to jack
I turn to jack
When I pick up the post
And burn all the bills
While making some toast
Or I would if there was
Any bread in the pack
But there’s not, but no problem
I turn to jack
I turn to jack
Time after time
Some can’t see
Any reason or rhyme
But walk in my shoes
And avoid all the cracks
And see if you don’t
Turn to jack
I turn to jack
So leave me alone
Just the two of us now
Belong in this home
You can stick around
If you want the craic
Or just forget it
I turn to  jack
I turn to jack
And I get through the night
I wake in the morning
Feeling contrite
There’s only regret
Nothing else there
More to forget
A trip to nowhere
So I turn back to jack
Puzzled and scared
There wasn’t an answer
Seems nobody cared
The entire thing was just
My whole life soundtrack
That finally played out
When I turned to jack


0 #2 PHILIP Burton 2021-09-10 14:08
I love the whole idea, and the execution of it is perfect.
0 #1 Dave Morgan 2021-09-07 08:56
Some great lines in there Steven. Admire your rhyming instinct. Gives it some bounce.