Not... by Beth Shaw

Not being under the influence
Of drugs or drink or electronica
I notice the world around me
                              within me
                           beyond me
Look out the window
How the red lupin curves like a question mark
Then look up through the night's dark
At the Milky Way wraparound
I feel so tiny
Yet part of us all
In a string of fairy lights
Through our galaxy and beyond
Any pain I feel within
I pull down this spangled fairy chain
To 'ding ding' there for a moment
Then fling the starry rope back up again
Though imprints of its influence remain.


0 #2 Wendy Buonaventura 2021-09-27 09:25
I loved the image of the 'starry rope' of the galaxy, pulled close then flung up again to its place. Lovely.
0 #1 PHILIP Burton 2021-09-10 14:22
It is one of those poems which captures the feelings of an instant in time and preserves something valuable.