Grandad's second chance at parenting by Phil McNulty


Change nappies


Porridge, banana, toast and jam

Read a book

Arrange plastic numbers

Play with balloons

Get them dressed

Roll on the floor

Play with balloons

Brush hair

Read a book

Encourage sharing

Play with the tea set, the animals,

Noah's ark, the farmyard, the wooden garage 

Go through the word cards

Play picture bingo

Though it makes no sense

Do four jigsaw puzzles

Push the rag doll in the plastic pram

Make a house out of leggo

Pretend to be firemen

Stop a fight

Kiss and make up

Read a book,

Have drinks and biscuits

Draw with the big crayons

Clean crayon off  the wall

Read another book

Pretend to be a horse, a cow,

Then three separate pigs and a wolf.

It's only 8.45am

Is it too early to open wine?


0 #1 Gillian Leaver 2021-11-08 22:36
Perhaps they’ll have a nap after all that (fingers crossed). Love your work, Phil.