Solstice Girls by Lynn Walton

imagine if

for this one day

our inner girls could emerge

reversing our bodies to younger curves

the ones we dressed in years before

tearing off skin we’re too comfortable in

strap by button by belt

stepping back into the footprints we left

a swirl of gorgeous girls with uncreased faces

muscle-toned in all the right places

certain we’re footsure and fancying being free

nervously revisiting our virginity

unwrapping femininity

unclenching possibilities

replaying colour through hair that was led astray

losing its footing and stumbling into grey

taming disobedient limbs and double chins

tightening the stitches round our edges

firming hips that had let their concentration slip

smoothing stretch lines that say we birthed

perking up breasts that say we nursed

six-packing abs instead of a belly curve

emptying the baggage from under our eyes

unclawing the crows and letting them fly

undoing muscle knots we forgot we tied

flinging caution to the wind

along with our billowing bingo wings  

not knowing cellulite was even a thing

navigating fledgling sensations

talkin’ bout our generation

awkward kissing to a teenage soundtrack

getting our sodding periods back

thinking we are evergreen

believing love is all you need

then as this longest day begins to tire

and a jealous moon nibbles at the sky

our older women pulse beneath our skin

so we fold this memory into a pocket

an origami smile for monochrome times

with the best parts etched on our hearts

we return to the women we were at the start

but the girl-giggles scuttle just under the surface

so much closer than before this solstice


0 #2 Bernadette Jordan 2021-11-08 19:37
I love the section of verb line starters- such a variety of images.
0 #1 Ann 2021-11-08 13:10
This made me smile. Those were the days....