Hope Potion by Bridie Breen

Hope is like a blanket that envelopes
It’s softness nurturing, so fleecy to feel
But that’s a lie. Hope isn’t tangible like that, is it?
It’s the absolute pits when it’s missing from life
It’s like a wall of darkness hits
You feel submerged, you feel like sh*t
On the greyest of days
a look out the window confirms
those lingering bleakest thoughts that unfurl
And, hope is the only thing, when learned
that can set the picture straight
But it’s not like you can swallow it
like a tablet, or that it can cure all ills on its own
Yet you feel it in your bones when it’s there inside.
Curling itself up among the debris of life
Sending out little signals when you need it most
Hope is better than your pocketed hands on a cold day
It’s the thing that urges you on
when all you want to do is sit down and die
It’s not as easy to keep as you might think
But it’s worth holding onto
I know that for sure
So, don’t mess it up and let yours fade into oblivion
You can capture it, call it all yours
Actually, easier than catching a virus.
So, if you feel mindset slipping into negative mode
or life is not worth living
Then shake up the thoughts, find one thing, or two or three
that brings a smile. Use music. Blast it.
Use comedy, don’t choke on it. Sing it, if it works for you
Or walk negativity off like soles on your shoes
Hold good memories tight
Pull a revisit switch. Put it all on repeat. See it, smile it, believe it
Laugh it out loud, even if there’s nothing funny
Kick your brain into motion
Then before you know it, like an Alchemist
You’ve created your own brand of Hope potion.
I find it a bit contagious, but that might be me
Such a little ingredient vital to life, a concept that so real.


0 #1 Ann Attwell 2021-12-08 11:26
In my family's current situation this poem means a lot to me. It echoes what we as a family have been clinging to. The fond memories of when the children were all little. And I do blast out the music and sing at the top of my voice.
I have walked the soles off my shoes. I look for programmes on tv that will at least make me smile if not laugh. So thank you for your poem. It encapsulates what hope is all about and we as a family are living in hope.