The Kiss Cube by Philip Burton 

a work of art that went to flavour gravy 


Before the age of twelve 
the sole word  
I was guaranteed 
to read  
was printed in red  
on a silver cube 
in the kitchen. 
A throw of this die 
always got me 
two zeros and a kiss. 
Why was I successful 
in shiny 3d, but dumb 
to anything inked on white? 
Dyslexia is individual. 
One word 
was all the straw  
I could grasp.  
OXO spelled hope. 



0 #2 Margaret Simpson 2022-01-03 09:24
This really grabbed my attention, such striking imagery. It's given me a different take on dyslexia!
0 #1 Gillian Popplewell 2021-12-08 08:24
I really like the feel of this and I think it's very clever writng. Particuarly liked that last line!
well done.