Shocked out of hopelessness by Phil McNulty

She could not get out of bed,
felt depressed
in the miasma of her own mortality.
Tried to remember the magic words,
Haile Selassie, Nebuchadnezzar
or Wakeupsezame.
Gave herself a talking to.
Scooped herself up and spat herself out in a blur of uncertainty.
fogged her way downstairs.
The boiling kettle competed with radio four,
opera and hot water.
Sat at the table,
head in hands.
numbed her way back upstairs
to get dressed.
Sat on the bed.
Her mug of black tea
slid on the small  tray
in slow motion.
Tipped gently,
Rorschach suspended
for an infinity
of gaping premonition,
and uglied the counterpane.
a fury of blotting, ‘Thousand and One’, water
and washing machine
and she knew she could face the day,
was capable of making a list.


0 #2 Margaret Simpson 2022-01-03 09:28
Such a strong image of a moment in a life, so much conveyed in the notion of a list
0 #1 Ann Attwell 2021-12-08 11:33
I really like this. We've all been there. I seem to have been there more often of late but the ordinary things in life like the radio,the newspaper,the post plopping through the letter box,give you hope and you know you can face the day even though the news may be worse but is sometimes better.