Equinox by Rosie Adamson-Clark


So now the turn back of clocks and frost or dew

heavy mornings, make the body hard to raise

from the warmth of a sleepers bed,

garden preparations for winter crops,

of pansies or brassicas, toil in earnest,

taking up the mid day dry and mercury elevation,

sheltered beds of a different kind,

plants too will seek the enfolding heat,

kind coverings, to allow their months

of restorative slumber,

garden mice and hedgehogs

locate the piles of tree discarded leaves

to burrow deep under, refuge from

the promised harsh winds and lashings

of rain, as the end season comes again,

human and mammals draw away from

crisp cold air, furrowing  to dream

of spring, which cannot come too soon

with the rising of new sap,

energy for all.