We Can Talk About Them In The Morning by Jude VC

If I fall asleep and you
wake up,
could you hold onto my dreams for me?
They run away when I’m awake
and I can’t seem to get
ahold of them again.
If you, however, were there
when they were mixing around
inside my head, maybe
you could catch them,
save them,
so I’d get to remember
(or at least find out)
what unrealities manifested
themselves behind my eyes.
I could do the same for you,
you know, if you have
trouble remembering what you dream.
I’ll write down the things
you say in your sleep
and note when you seem the most restless.
We can try to make sense of it
in the morning, when your head is clear and
sleep isn’t holding you.
Maybe some picture can be
pieced together, maybe not.
(They’re just dreams, after all.)
(Yes, but something in them could be true to waking life.)
(I guess. We’ll just have to find out.)
(For now, get some sleep. I’ll tell you what you dreamt in the morning.)