Wiccan Transition by Jack Horner

I was a tattered tapestry need restoration
Self-esteem and actualisation
I ascended pyramids stone by stone
It took longer than this to build Rome
Laid on a slab in a wiccan’s web
To chant and wail at foot and head
Rocks to lay at seven points
Let the pentacle cast its voice
Inhale release and set afloat
I now transform to Saturn’s sea goat
Crows descend of friend not foe
They hover above and look down below
Embrace the sandal wood ignite the mind
Remove the hurt its peace I find
No memory of how I arrived
At charred broken bridges I was denies
Lay me in semi-precious stones
Ground me let my energy flow
The scarab beetle watched my back
Rose quartz brought me back on track
I swam in acropolis in the nude
With felines, and great fortitude
The white horse began to fade
The templars saved me again and again
Earth wind fire and earth
A shooting star I began rebirth
Awakening to my secrets told
with pales of tears in a new age world
they invaded the corners of my mind
stroke the horns of my birth sign
lead me home to exorcise the pain
remove the sword and shackled shame
I thought I was buried in a forgotten tomb
I was planted time to bloom
The moon will wax and it will wain
Opposition showed, opportunity gained.
I’m in a wiccan transition