Senses In The Time Of Covid-19 by Ann Attwell


Of late I’ve looked at my world anew; appreciated the sights, scents and sounds of nature much more. Somehow things have become amplified; the birdsong; the bees in the lavender; the scents of flowers on warm summer’s evenings, their perfume pervading the air.
I stroke the smooth rose petals and I’m pricked by the sharpness of the thorns.
I often walk barefoot on the paths round the house relishing the warmth from the sun and the roughness of flagstones.
I’ve weeded and planted, the moist, fragrant soil rubbed between finger ends and I think how I love the smell of freshly dug soil.
I’ve watched a pair of blackbirds scavenging in the undergrowth for twigs and dead leaves to nest build. The sun warms my skin on sunny days. Rain comes, tinkling into the roof gutters beating its steady thrum on the conservatory roof, soaking the flower pots; life giving.
Stopping as suddenly as it has begun. Steam rising and with it the glorious scents of grass and flowers.