Sensing Life by Bernie Jordan

We sit outside in the summer heat
watching a butterfly’s wing beat
sending air currents round Earth,
energy flows to who knows where
but our sense of connection is here.
Low sun flits through the buddleia
goes dancing on the floor
‘till cloud fades delight.
We watch moon cast shadows on snow fields
that melt into forget-me-not days.
The mighty rippling muscle of sea, jittering with saltwater sparks,
lights your voice as you mind-sail out of Tenby Harbour.
Autumn’s dying displays repeat then replete
‘til vision fades to memory.
We hear an owl hoot at dusk,
I swish the curtains, close the day
as your heavy eyelids close to the world.
Holding your feet where they poke from the sheet
I sense your heart beat sending one last
fleeting butterfly feeling
‘til stillness descends.