Autumn Reflection by Margaret Brett


Sound of traffics fading hum

Walking towards the green space       

Sanctuary of sound and senses

Nature reserve

The smell of burning coming from the allotment

Masked faces pass me by

The warm wind blows on my face

Plans have begun to put a road through this space

Nature to be tricked in ways not easily undone

These days of progressive destruction

I walk on, see the sign

“Loving the bird song”

“Soon you may not be able to hear it”

I hear the sound of trees singing their song

Towards me now little dogs bark at me

The owner says “their all bark”

As the summer comes to a close

The berries are on their last yield

Now along the canal a narrowboat passes by

Ripples in the water

Falling leaves

My thoughts are free in this haven of hope

A carefully structured garden

Slopes towards the canal

Blends in with ease to the wilder landscape

And on my way from this water and green

I swallow this peace

Wish it to stay

Someone passes by with a pumpkin

With a child in a pram

Soaking up the autumn sun.