Plain Jane by Lynn Walton

she’d cook him something mundane
as plain as the name on her face
the recipe stated preparation
was key to ultimate sensation
it was only his imagination
she needed to feed
she put her finger on her lips
gift-wrapped her hips
locked stockings to her legs
made bra cups into cupcakes
crumbled lust into the crust
passion into the pastry
caramelised desire over an open fire
splashed lashes with exotic spices
dipped lips in raspberry ripples
self-baked in layers of flavours
late-night underwear
drop-by-dropped with care
she wiped dust from a glass 
poured the last of herself inside
he savoured her taste
licked hints of silk that were
hand-sifted  caressed and  blended
lace raced across his tastebuds
her marinated skin
created a collage of infusions
that diffused along his tongue
she waited
to be seen
not  tasted
but he bit her heart
into two fluttering parts
crossed them both
hoped she died
plain Jane cried inside
sweet as pie
clutching  crumbs  from
a  long ago time
when he would have stayed
for the cake at the end of the table
patiently  baked  
perfectly plated
waiting to be taken



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