Mister Fox's Daily Walk by Steven Waling


In broad daylight Mister Fox
a line of cars behind
the learner driver speeds up
as he turns the corner
leaves turn carmine yellow crunch
crisp air underfoot the ambulance
outside the old folks home
say hello to the cats
guarding the owners’ door steps
sweet aroma of lavender
passing the squeals of children
the season of leafblowers
and garden maintenance Fox squints
in bright sunlight pedestrians cross
here deep excavations magpies
rooftop rows & the cancer hospital
bus stops still green trees
new builds essential gas works
scarletting acers clear blue sky
when red light shows wait
by the telephone exchange Mister
Fox thinks is watching us rainbow
NHS we love you window
who can visit clouds clearing
helicopter undersong I wonder who
he’s looking for Fox stares
straight at me tar smell
acrid dark as black molasses