The Lobsters' Dinner Party by David Bateman

The lobsters are having a party:
A barbecue out on the sand.
It’s a bit of a treat, all those courses of meat,
Fresh-caught and cooked straight from dry land.
The lobsters are drinking and dancing
And having a nice, pleasant chat
About how human flesh tastes the best when it’s fresh,
And other light topics like that.
The lobsters are having a party.
They’re pulling the flesh from the bone.
They’re discussing with zest whether humans taste best
When they’re children or when they’re full-grown.
The lobsters are joking and laughing
That humans aren’t always bright red;
It’s just how they turn as they daintily burn
In hot chilli sauce till they’re dead.
Yes, the lobsters are having a party:
A dance and a drink and a bite.
They’re all in the mood for some good, healthy food,
And they’re having a party tonight.