In The Beginning Will Be The Word by David Bateman

As I grow older, more and more I read again the books I’ve read before, to catch those small moments I missed in the past, and to savour those ones that I treasure: the fossilized discoveries of The Dinosaur Hunters; the fairytale romance of You Only Live Twice; the cruel science-fiction miracles of distant Solaris.

      Perhaps as I grow even older, I’ll read fewer and fewer books, till finally none of them are new at all.

      As my memories fade, how fresh each reading will become!

      And as they fade further, even old favourites will be cast aside, in favour of the oldest and most favourite; and I will read one book.  Just one book.  Till at the end I will always be reading the first chapter of that one book, over and over, wondering where it is all going, relishing the freshness of it all, the excitement of beginnings.