Envy by Phil Barling

Why can't I be a Caribbean wave,
not a wet Monday morning Benefits Slave?
I'm peevish, I'm resentful, my life's in no way eventful,
I'm cold & uncaring, my patience is wearing thin,
I'm fed up of seeing you win
I'm envy

Yeah, envy's the name, envy's the game
it's always me that gets the blame
Well, I'm easily narked, I'm getting annoyed, ‘er
have you met my cousin, old Schadenfreude?
when others get hurt, he's overjoyed
Well, it's my turn soon
I'm envy

I follow you from door to door
when I get less, why do you get more?
there's no icing on my cake
nobody showed me how to bake
I'm cringing under winter's midnight sheet
I really could do with some heat
I could do to be a commentator
that's the way to live, July to June
sitting by some palm fringed lagoon
cocktails in the afternoon
watching you dance to my kind of tune
ball by ball talking on the cricket
instead, I’m fighting the sleaze, the return of old disease
diphtheria, mumps, inferiority, and rickets
I’m envy

I’m a game show loser, knocked out in round one
I never had the chance to choose a better life, I was conned
By the time I woke up all the best stuff had gone
my teeth are on edge, they're permanently gritted
I got found guilty but you lot were acquitted
Ever got the feeling you've been fitted up?
well, I'm here for good , I'm part of your life
I'm next door's car, I'm next door's wife
I live in Poundland by the Sea
you're doing okay, but what about me...eh?
I'm envy

I’m a negative emotion, a positive threat
It's consuming, it's not human, yet,
the feeling is spreading, it's getting around
there's more envy than anything else in this town
It's a dangerous world, it's unfair and obscene
YOUR eyes have turned a shade of green
Welcome to Envy