St Jerome At Home And His Neighbour Who Is Negative Space On The Hypotenuse Of An Equilateral Triangle by Moxy Casimir

St Jerome (real name Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus) is at home
slurping consome from his holy-ketamine’d lion’s mouth
(that carnivore’s paw’s still sore after St J tweezered-out the thorn)
St Jerome is using the lion’s mouth because he has no bowl
his spoon’s an inkhorn twisted on a length of twine
for pudding, icecream, a perfect glob
fed to his teeth on a parchment cone
on which a patch of holy writ got punked by Titivillus*
icecream being a means of contemplating a snowball’s transit through
the fires of hell
So, St Jerome is at home
home which is a calficiation of the soul so it sits like a snail
besmerching the fresh cresses of Creation
that slow slow catastrophic meteor, that creeping extinction event
that calamatous climate crater
human home
and its polluting debris and particulate-flinging impact and ground-greed—
exotic domestic climates taking over the world’s indiginous weather systems
o tut ruination, thinks St Jerome
as he fondles the spare skull in which he keeps his car keys and his notes to self
His neighbour
who is Negative Space on the Hypotenuse of a Triangle
or Nsothoait
(and works as a sphere-packer in a bubble factory)
has been doing home improvement on the 90 degree angle they call casa mea
knocking down the parentheses in Pythagorus’s theorum
giving everything an equal sign because geometry is woke
and negative space aka dark matter binds everything together
like love kinda oughtta dontcha think?
Nsothoait once had stick-figure squatters
but gave them all six figure sums and they
rehoused themselves
in a bundle of cross-hatching and machine code
although they stated they were fundamentally non binary
which Nsothoait respected
and St Jerome added to his description of The Assortment of Being
whilst his home whistled on its root to world destruction


*Titivillus is the demon of mistakes and mispellings and typos in religious texts: also, latterly, the printer’s devil