Green by Carol Wynn

Midday in the fern covered, deep grassy dell,
down in the woods, and in the heat of the day.
All life is playing out under the leaves in the forest.
Hues and shades of mossy, light, dark, jade, leafy green
growing around and in between.
Trees and shrubs, plants and flowers,
 the backdrop for a painting.
Surrounding the wood, verdant fields of lush dewy grass,
fringed by darkened oak aged trees, time stood still.
 In the mossy glade, daylight piercing through branches,
throwing around mellow shadows of lemon to melon
sun kissed kaleidoscopic waves of colour, across the forest floor.
Green, the colour of nature, hope, renewal, birth, love, our survival, our sanity
Our inspiration and freedom, somewhere to breathe
In the strange world, we inhabit at the moment.
Green also, the national colour for,
my favourite corner of the world.
Ireland with its emerald patchwork of fields and valleys
its counties, hills and hollows, loughs, and vales.
The wild hilly, stunning Aran islands, medieval Glendalough,
Majestic, romantic, Powerscourt Gardens, set in magical Wicklow
Have driven through rugged, mountains, amidst herds of nonchalant sheep,
searching for ‘fairy bridges’ and stories of folklore.
Storytellers, poets and singers, bring music and words to the hills,
I fell in love with those ‘50 shades of green’, from a plane, many years ago.