Contact by Wendy Tonge


Sunrise, my perfect time of day

another day and another chapter of my book

and, so far, is it so good ?

My computer seems to almost wait, as always

quietly contemplating the gentle touch of my fingers

along the keys

For this computer is like a trusted friend

a companion - silently watching, seeing all and saying nothing

It is a love story that threads its way across the screen

one man and one woman - flesh and blood, pulsating, almost breathing

I am immersed in their fantasy, in their emotion, their heartbreak


searching, craving, regretting, denying then succeeding

each word carefully placed - side by side - evolving and creating the very souls

of one man and one woman

I pause, take stock, think

"Don't stop" I've heard that voice a thousand times before

but I must

then later, once again I take my place

and face my nemesis

exacting, grueling, punishing - day after day

the clock is ticking, ticking as tick it must until  the words finally stop

"Don't stop"..... a whisper on the air and again "don't stop"

the voice so near, so very near

"I love you, I love you" .....those words come louder...."DON'T STOP"

I am mesmerized, confused, tired, so very tired

"I love you, I love you" and in disbelief I stare in horror

as the words begin to slowly creep across the screen

"I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU", line by line by line by...