Feelgood Factor by Jenny Palmer

Uphill means I get the hard bit over with
Downhill first and it’s a long slog home
A brisk walk speeds up the heart rate
increases the endorphins
gives you the feelgood factor
as much as a hug, they say
The wild garlic is out and Jack by the hedge
There are dandelions everywhere in the grass
In the meadow, lapwings are fighting off the crows
Seagulls, come inland to feed, are circling above
I spot some deer grazing alongside the sheep
A barn owl flies out of the quarry
Lockdown friends appear on the lane
We stop to pass the time of day
from opposite sides of the road
A walk is as good as a hug, they say



0 #1 Carole Martin 2021-05-11 09:10
Love the precise details of nature here.