Back In Touch by James Hartnell


Back in touch with friends from half a century ago
I learn that others have gone or are all but gone from disease and ponder which saddens me more.
I can accept inevitable loss but the tragic enfeeblement of wonderful minds of those I loved rips deep into me.
And I am more than fortunate, having come so close to death. There is no equation: the way I lived compared to their healthy, orderly, single-partnered lifestyle turns logic inside out as I thrive while they get struck down, crumble, mumble and drool.
Ever since my teens, every decade has seen more than one friend lost to suicide or just plain bad luck.
Maybe we’ve all known this. At least with a death you can do nothing but remember. With disease, the thwarting of future happiness and the brick wall of a worsening condition conspire to shatter your dream of rekindling a former friendship.
Back in touch with friends, you can sign all your texts with love and really mean it.