'We Value Your Custom' by Dorothy Snelson

How do you wish to be contacted?
Text or phone,
email or post?
‘Your custom is valuable to us.’
Yet when I try to contact them,
I text and nothing.
I email, no reply.
I even write, but to no avail.
In desperation, I give in and phone.
I’m number 36 in the queue
And assailed by annoying music,
But still, ‘your custom is valuable to us.’
After twenty minutes I give up,
to try again,
be first in the queue,
at the crack of dawn next day.
I’m in luck thank heavens!
After much number pressing,
a ring tone I hear,
then a voice, a human, music to my ear.
It’s Damien to help me
and help me he does.
He’s speedy, efficient
And pleasant to boot.
I feel my stress fading ,
it’s been a long haul,
but I must never forget,
as Damien’s parting words resound
‘ Your custom is valuable to us’ after all.