Newsfeed by Peter Foster


Airing all the latest, in bite sized, fun sized chunks, not too much

You wouldn’t understand, or maybe you would (we can’t have that).

Information you need to know, all you need to know (all you need to know).

‘The Prime Minister announced…’  ‘The Chancellor warned…’

‘The Foreign Secretary claimed…’  ‘And now, over to the sports desk’

Nourishing your thoughts through the pastures of daily newsfeed,

Carefully cultivating the fertile ground of credulity while stifling weeds of contradiction.

Here’s a crumb of political intrigue, there, a bite of sleaze:

Someone has broken the rules!

Perhaps you’d relish a juicy morsel of royal scandal

Or a spicy, new show-biz pairing; this will be hard to swallow:

An old pop star can still play or sing! Who knew? Who cares?

Oh! They’ve released a new album / book / film.

“Now to the weather and don’t forget, there’ll be more (of the same) in the next bulletin. Goodnight.”