Emotional Shades of Graze by Karen Rachel Kennedy
As I stroll amidst the profusion of coloured poppies, swaying in the breeze,
where in the distant fields of mossy green, cattle are grazing among the undulating slopes, of wide open fields,
my reflections take me back to the root of it all, the poppies, the Rangeland,
an extensive area occupied by native herbaceous, shrubby vegetation, grazed by domestic or wild herbivores;
Noone would believe the damage an innocent poppy could inflict,
Addiction in it's finest form, more specifically, the opium poppy, the Papaver Somniferum,
Producing Opiates so powerful, that control one's pain, while altering the mind of the victim, 
who pitifally succumbs, to the grazing table providing it's nutrients, in either a tablet, liquid or powdered form;
As I look far away across the horizon, my heart weeps for the friend hooked on the intoxicating substance,
looking back to the glorious poppies swaying back and forth in a formation like a marching brass band, whose perennial underground roots dot the cultivated land, with pervasive malignancy;
Flowering from June into September, a hardy annual growing to 2ft high, while perennial poppies are intolerant of frost in cold winter areas, growing alongside flowers of Petunias, Celosia, or Swiss Chard and Leaf Lettuce,
until their lacy foliage stare out among the Spring sowings bloom, from midsummer into the Fall of Autumn time;
Yet the seeds of the poppy must be soaked in lukewarm water, overnight,
while the Heroin user cries all through the pains, way past the Twilight;
So a simple grazing appears innocent at first, much like a child, born straight after birth,
who may flourish under it's Mother's touch, fed and watered, hugs are a must,
but the Poppy it seems, is no innocent victim, seducing it's owners, heroin is a conviction,
and Mankind is to blame, for there is no eviction, but damaging souls, from the earth's core to 
mindless oblivion, so it seems an act of grazing, may not be to blame, but the human race must atone, all the same.