David Bateman, Liverpool UK


The author has the following pieces on here - click on a title to go to it

Edition 8 - Ghosts Of Trees

Edition 9 - My Human Brain

Edition 10 - The Minister Of Crying Over Spilt Milk

Edition 14 - Out on the Far Horizon

Edition 15 - The Lobster's Dinner Party

Edition 16 - In The Beginning Will Be The Word

Edition 17 - Dreamhome

Edition 19 - The Spirit Room


He also has a piece in the paper back Worktown Words Anthology One


 About the Author

David Bateman is a Liverpool Kentish poet and writer. He also teaches creative writing, including in mental health contexts. His poetry publications include Curse Of The Killer Hedge (Iron 1996), A Homage To Me (Driftwood 2003) and Shtum: The Stutter Poems (Iron 2016).