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The author has the following pieces on here - click on a title to go to it

Edition 5 - Earthquake Aftershock

Edition 8 - Open to Tourists

Edition 9 - Rubber is the new Leather

Edition 10 - Wheat Sheds a Tear

Edition 11 - the Well Head

Edition 13 - I got Magic

Edition 15 - The New Forest Child

Edition 18 - Green is my Bête Noir

Edition 20 - Dan, Dan The Acorn Man

Edition 21 - Storm Chaser

Edition 23 - Egg Man

Edition 24 - Jenny's Fall


He also has a piece in the paperback Worktown Words Anthology One


About the Author

Philip Burton has been a Lancashire head teacher and a poetry practitioner for children. In 2019 he concurrently held four poetry competition First prizes, including Sandwich (Kent) Poet of the Year. Philip was recently awarded a Commendation by Heidi Williamson in the 2020 Poetry Society Stanza competition.His poetry publications include The Raven’s Diary (joe publish 1998), Couples (Clitheroe Books Press 2008), His Usual Theft, (Indigo Dreams Press 2017) and Gaia Warnings (Palewell Press 2021). 

Palewell Press are publishing Philip's new collection THE LIFE DYSLEXIC in June 2022.