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  1. PHILIP Burton says: "Whoops! I haven't really changed my name to Margaret from Philip."
  2. PHILIP Burton says: "The structure is right suited to the message i,e, a position statement first, and then what follows from it. Brill."
  3. PHILIP Burton says: "Encapsulates, on more than one level, the tension and drama of a big event."
  4. PHILIP Burton says: "I am in complete agreement with the sentiments expressed."
  5. PHILIP Burton says: "It is one of those poems which captures the feelings of an instant in time and preserves something valuable."
  6. PHILIP Burton says: "I'd love to inspire such a poem. It hits the mark, stirs the heart."
  7. PHILIP Burton says: "Lots to admire..."quietly wild woman" yes!"
  8. PHILIP Burton says: "I recognise the space you describe. Flow of consciousness, but shaped and strong. Great!"
  9. PHILIP Burton says: "I love the whole idea, and the execution of it is perfect."
  10. PHILIP Burton says: "Admirable. I do love the coined verb "to statue"."
  11. PHILIP Burton says: "Very haunting poem. I will re-read it. Well done."
  12. PHILIP Burton says: "Strong poem."
  13. PHILIP Burton says: "I am your admirer. Great last two lines, too!"
  14. Margaret Simpson says: "I like the metaphor and that it can be read on different levels"
  15. Christine Gleave says: "An evocative piece of writing. Most of us do not look at the other side of a story/action. Thank you, Alan."
  16. Bernadette Jordan says: "very evocative of our age- what a mirror to the digital life we're sucked into!"
  17. Bernadette Jordan says: "yes brilliantly clear- the horror of it and the imagery."
  18. Marnie Clarke says: "Love it, so good a summary of the battle many people face."
  19. Margaret Burton says: "A fine poem, redolent of pastoral dreams. The last verse, as ever with Jenny Palmer, is worked for and splendid."
  20. Dave Morgan says: "Some great lines in there Steven. Admire your rhyming instinct. Gives it some bounce."