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  1. AMM N Khan says: ""The oak may yet have a second chance." This line is a hope for our fragile future. Indeed, anthropocene caused so many destruction to our own world. Beautiful thoughts. Keep it up."
  2. Peter Foster says: "Great writng, hilighting human indifference to the natural world and nature's ability to fight back."
  3. Lynn walton says: "Wow! Amazing piece of writing! Love the hope in the small space beside you."
  4. Gillian Leaver says: "Perhaps they’ll have a nap after all that (fingers crossed). Love your work, Phil."
  5. Bernadette Jordan says: "I love the section of verb line starters- such a variety of images."
  6. Bernadette Jordan says: "It was really good to have the theme of second chance to give me the sense of needing to look for hope for the future. The jay appeared after I listened to Radio 4 'Tweet of the Day' which featured a jay and explained the role of jays in helping to 'plant' acorns."
  7. Ann says: "This made me smile. Those were the days...."
  8. Ann says: "I really loved this tale of the mighty oak. Loved the upbeat of the first section describing the life of creatures dependent on the oak. And then the heartbreaking and shocking middle section as the oak is felled. Then comes the Jay and hope for the future. Wonderful!"
  9. Caroline Louise Pear says: "Very good writing. I love it like an episode of long lost families. I really want to hear what happens next x"
  10. morgan dave says: "lovely piece of writing on so many"
  11. Rod Riesco says: "Brilliant, Margaret. Says a lot in a few words. I think I'm one of the herd!"
  12. Rod Riesco says: "Nice one, Peter! Captures the blitz of (mis)information we're all subjected to."
  13. Gillian Popplewell says: ":sadI found this piece very touching to read. It is atmospheric and there is detail between the lines. it certainly has made me think. well written indeed.:"
  14. Sally James says: "The last line says so much. The taste of a blade.? Grass or knife."
  15. Sally James says: "The poem says a lot to me good description captures the atmosphere of the times. Cherry B Triumph exhaust pipe. The last line especially."
  16. Wendy Buonaventura says: "I loved the image of the 'starry rope' of the galaxy, pulled close then flung up again to its place. Lovely."
  17. Lynn Walton says: "Powerful stuff, Hilary. Some wonderful phrases..."an afterbirth at the christening" Well done"
  18. PHILIP Burton says: "Whoops! I haven't really changed my name to Margaret from Philip."
  19. PHILIP Burton says: "The structure is right suited to the message i,e, a position statement first, and then what follows from it. Brill."
  20. PHILIP Burton says: "Encapsulates, on more than one level, the tension and drama of a big event."