Indelible ink of life etches slivers of time,

into every silvered hairline.

Furrowed brows and smiles sift, fill,

filter away, as today becomes yesterday.

Minutes stretch into hours

and whys, ifs, buts or maybe’s,

used to transform experience, have

woven a path that catches chance

in the daily dance of living.

A tangible gift of choice for each moment of giving.


No answers exist or reason abides

to turn clock back or change what we decide.

Yesterday has passed, time no longer alive to

deceive, feel, steal, or touch

Yesterday infiltrates space, where deeds done,

some made nothing of, or much, got dipped

in-between emotions of love and hate.

On looking back, another yesterday

may have been left to suffer similar fate.


If every single day stayed submerged,

or disastrous obstacles impassable

We may be given time to reflect, or deflect a possibility,

how we self-paralysed through inane stupidity,

Or not recognised we have infinite ability, to re-learn

on how to be consumed with joy, not repeatedly burned.

One opportunity to do right, to get things sorted.

 If distorted by the ugly and vain

leaves us a yesterday of time

we can never change, to relive again.