It’s A Kind Of Magic by Joan V Park

Ours was an office hours affair. A long lunch,
Short skirt and stocking top affair with sneaky
Stays in posh hotels, giggling over mini-bars
One lunch hour stretched to tea-time
With china cups and mini rolls, cream filled and chocolate
Covered to lick off my lover.
I felt a magical dart, less sensible, less serious
Less me.  I radiated energy in bouncy hair, in sparkly
Eyes and lips that were alive.
Quite safe I told myself; the psyche made
To absorb the fantasy, the shock of fatal falls.
I looked through the mirror to a world
of satin sheets and champagne and ringed
a fence round the affair.
When the wand snapped, the show was over,
No more rabbits to yank out of the top hat
But he didn’t stop pulling out excuses hour by hour
Until I threw a cauliflower.
It missed and shattered on the patio doors,
The magic was gone; the allure an illusion,
Like so many dreams, like so many lives.


0 #1 Ann Attwell 2020-11-27 14:58
Really love this poem