Bewitched by Sally James

With a twirl of his wand and the swish of his hand
he conjured an image I could not understand.
The colours were many his top hat a crown
there were cards and aces that kept falling down.
He laughed in my face with a melodious grin
I had entered his world yet I could not go in,
I hadn’t the password had not the right word
and abracadabra  seemed extremely absurd.
There were witches on broomsticks and cats with no tails
and sparkles of starlight and ships without sails.
The sky and the sea seemed to meet with a rush
and I found myself flying on an old sweeping brush.
I cried in despair but the magician just laughed
he said it was magic and I was half daft.
So now I am stuck in a magical place
I’m half in and half out but that’s no disgrace.
I know I am happy in either this world or that
so I’ll circle the earth with my tailless black cat.