The New Forest Child by Philip Burton

Where is the forest where children play
the new child gasped. Is it out back
Do you grow moss, blueberry, bay
Are there buckets and spades for needles, 
cones, acorns   chips of bark? 
In the summer weeks of Stag beetles 
do kids stay   and watch till dark?  
Why have you put your forest away? 
Please get it out. It’s for children’s play.
Oh no, we are terribly     modern. 
Hardstanding and gravel yards are bare 
to ensure that each child stays within vision,  
is clean, and learns not to care. 


+2 #2 Elaine P Morris 2021-01-20 13:17
Gut wrenchingly sad.
+1 #1 Bernadette Jordan 2021-01-13 17:20
This is so sad and contains some truth.
Forest School ethos from Sweden tries to 'reform' thinking.
but fear for safety and a need for control seem to dominate.