Here I live by Steven P. Taylor

It’s not just a greenbelt fighting adversity
But a living community of great diversity
‘I live on the grass, I run through the field
We live here en masse, the field is our shield
I fly and collect twigs and nest in the tree
And the tree is my shelter, the safe place for me
I skip between branches, the tree stores my food
Make home for my young, protecting my brood
I look after all that I choose to create,
And the plants and the flowers that I pollenate.’
But then come the diggers on council instruction
To rip up this beauty and turn to destruction
‘You take away my trees, my branches and my nest
You take away all these, I have no place to rest
You take away my home, the hedges and the woods
I’ve nowhere now to roam, life doesn’t look too good
You take away my ponds, the rain pools and the streams
All the vegetation, nothing matters now it seems
You take away my food, this way I can’t survive
It’s gone away for good, no way to stay alive
You desecrate environment with not a thought for cost
What was a thriving part of nature, now forever lost
So replace it all now, with your trucks of concrete load
And one day you will find me, lying beside the road’.