Hide And Seek by Bob Eccleston

Hide and seek, hide and seek
Search too far you’ll be up the creek 
Hide too long you’ll become antique
Run and hide, run and hide
Never reveal what you keep inside
It’s a lonely road you shall ride
Up and down, up and down
Out of your rut, leap for the crown
Dance on the wire, don’t be a clown
Blind man’s buff, blind man’s buff
You stumble, tumble in the rough
With both eyes closed life can be tough
Run about, run about
Let yourself go, pour your life out
So people listen when you shout
Crawl around, crawl around
Unaware what’s above the ground
When the storm breaks, you will be drowned
Shout and scream, shout and scream
This is your life it’s not a dream
So things are always what they seem
Come and go, come and go
Take centre stage in life’s show
Don’t drift away, make your own flow
Strong or weak, strong or weak
Your life is good or is it bleak
I guess we’re back to hide and seek