Here Is Len by Bernie Jordan

A ‘Minute’ poem.- It relates an event that takes a minute, the poem has 60 syllables, 12 lines and alternate rhymes.

Len’s Plight
He’s hidden deep within his hood
And still he could
reach out from there
my heart to stir.
He raises up a feeble hand
and there I stand
in pity caught,
I feel I ought.
He knows my purse is locked by fear
so, says it clear:
‘My name is Len.’
I see him then.
Len’s escape
Len tucks into a corner, knees folded under his chin,
                                                womb enclosed.
Arms wrapped around his back,
                                                straight jacketed by street cold.
Breath escapes, stealing his precious heat.
                                                Tortoise- like,
his head retracts to the back of his hood
                                                hidden from heedless gaze.
Numbness frees him, freezing anguish, hunger, pain.
                                                His eyelids close.
Snowflakes feather his hooded mind,
                                                releasing him to sleep.