Somewhere Eyes by Nathan Williams

Mosquitoes claim walls
barely visible illuminated 
in sound of
single bulb dripping
perspiration soaks sheet
wrapped over varnished
skin of form intermittent 
neither here nor there
just yet 
Down corridor flaking 
paint leaking pipes
echo copper residue
death row to vehement 
souls pleading 
for purgatory 
Rings again
an alarm
followed by footsteps 
in nightingale azure 
gown lead to room 
injecting it
with sedatives 
to dull 
the transformation 
Somewhere eyes
wore nulled mouth
stark wide panic 
under the influence 
of life’s 
ominous leap


+1 #2 Bernadette Jordan 2021-09-08 07:43
yes brilliantly clear- the horror of it and the imagery.
+1 #1 Brian Hutchinson 2021-09-06 17:51
Brilliant. Takes a few reads but brilliant.