Today Is Tuesday by Craig Snelgrove

 But still, that window did look pretty inviting, in a poetic way of course. Would’ve made a good painting too, and a good photo. I should’ve took a photo. Imagine you could save moments and store them somewhere to go back to later, like in a computer game or something. That’d be cool. Ah well, another moment lost I suppose. I'd best learn from all these lost moments, sick of having regrets. Even little ones like that. It’s the little ones that get me, the “Why didn’t I think of that at the time” ones. I wonder how many I’d have stored up by now?
I can’t stop playing FIFA. I keep thinking about it when I’m doing something else, too, something productive. “Just one more game”, I’ll say to myself. God, the hours do fly by on it. Nothing else to do though other than watch a film or something. I wish I could read more. In fact, no, I wish I could go out somewhere and do something. My mate reckons the Chinese have done this on purpose. Man made virus to crash the Western economies. I don’t buy it myself but out of boredom I entertained his opinions. I was on the phone for an hour and 42 minutes, it proper burnt my head out listening to pure Trump speak, like. Imagine he’s right though. What would that mean? There’s too much out there, too much to listen to. Maybe it’s best to stay indoors and laugh at the US Star Force flag unveiling on YouTube. It’s literally the Star Trek logo! How are these times real? Elon Musk reckons we could be living in a simulation and he would know! Damn. There’s far too much going on out there. Well, not out there, more like online, which is still kind of out there. Hey, Philip K Dick, we’ve arrived at the future.
I need to go for a walk.
I’ve never seen so many cyclists. They just kept going past in both directions which is difficult to work round on a path by a canal. Madness, mate. Lots of people ragging quads about an-all. A lot more than normal. Normal. Will we ever get back to normal? I wear plastic gloves to the corner shop. I want to wear a face mask when I’m out, where do I get one from? Everyone seemed happy out. It’s a sunny day, a warm day, and everyone’s so chill. Lots of people feeding the ducks and stuff. Today is Tuesday, but it’s giving out bank holiday vibes. People dictate the ambience of days. Today is Tuesday. A swan was constructing its nest on the canal, it was beautiful to see, every passer by stopped and fed it bread or just looked at it and everyone’s so chill round here like it’s an endless bank holiday round here, like the world is on hold, but it isn’t. Unimaginably stressful work in hospitals right now and it’s strange to have such peaceful days amid so much chaos. The world is changing whilst we chill. Nowhere else to get to though. No place else to go. Through a window, maybe? It’s still open, blinds still fluttering, I get my phone out, take a photo. Today is Tuesday.