Transformation by Dorinda Macdowell

A chrysalis hiding in her protective shell,
curled up, ready to tense to face the blows as best she could.
She survived. Just.
He had big fists. They were unerring in their accuracy.
Life?    She hid from it.
His death was abrupt: a heart attack, they said.
No tears. She stayed hunched in her shell, too timid to venture out.
Until one day, realisation rescued her.
Blinking, she unwrapped herself from her binding bondage
and greedily gulped in the freshening air.
Slowly, on shaking legs, she stood.
She felt the pulse of quickening life.
It made her brave.
She remembered her happy, protected childhood.
She breathed again.
She tasted renewal.
She knew revival.
As she smiled, so she emerged to embrace a soaring hope.
She discarded her shell.
Now see her, a blossoming and beautiful woman, bold, and full of colour.
The colour of hope.
See her!
What you see is an unfettered butterfly...