Again? by Aaron Murdoch

That breath for oxygen
Not even that dangerous
An insult to statuses
Being locked and changeless
And how fast some conceits
To ask for when still in red
A fury at delusion
It just carries on
Pressing hard for evidence
Lessons taken and improved on
Second chances once mattered
If can still remember them
But how serious the charge
The second chance wants
Of forgiveness
Do you know what it's done?
When asked of second chance?
Everything built aside
Dropped from initial lies
Until touched back up
But knowing they still could
Powerplay is tiresome
Brings stress with accusation
All want to hurry away evidence
While full disclosure implicates
Exposes and condemns them
A second chance is thankful
If no blood yet that's unacceptable
This craving for co-dependence
Imperfections noted and spending pence
To fill in the hollowness
Left behind due to
First broken chance
They ask for a second one 
To attempt denial of time
Never showing evidence
Of never happening again.