Hope by Ted Morgan

Its funny how when one feels low,

Your troubles seem to grow and grow,

Naught can bridge or cross these gaps,

Its Hope I think one really lacks,

All the wrongs that you have done, oppress and cling,

Blot out the sun, the clouds hag low, and mist pervades,

Each mountain top and woodland glade,

We need that hope when we feel low,

To make our anguish flee and go,

To see  a glimmer of a future bright,

Instead of downcast anguished nights,

Hold on to hope for better days,

Your persistence will not be betrayed,

Like all things, the feelings of despair,

Will vanish in the sunlit air,

Your countenance now bears a smile,

Your hopes not fears, will you beguile,

So, hang on to hope when you feel low

To see a brighter future grow.


+1 #1 Martin Challender 2022-01-07 17:46
I really liked this poem. I thought it was excellent.