Vespers by James Taylor


The last hours creep in,
dusk melting into darkness.
In Sao Paulo the day ends
suddenly like the final curtain
in a play.
This year our Summer
began in early April
and now the torch light
of a slow sunset shades the November sky
closing off the perfect day.
There will be many more
to celebrate, like a lighted candle
on a cake,
many hours before we reach
our allotted span,
with time to look back
recalling the memories
of the small gods of place
that are wrapped around other days
spent in Rydal Water, the Haute Savoie,
St Hilaire de Riez.
For now the full moon
reveals itself, and the cool evening
speaks softly of peace
and unfailing hope.


0 #1 John Keane 2021-12-06 23:21
Fantastic evocation of the unique spirit of a specific place.