Pandora's Zoo by Bob Eccleston

 Setting the scene
The heavens open welcoming ancient forces
Lupine winds snarl, as they run down panic-ridden clouds
Thunder roars, establishing its territory
Lightening hisses, forked tongues searching out sacrifices
Unremitting rain craters the despondent earth
The sun surrenders to darkness and skulks in exile
Who done it
No-one knew who unlocked the zoo
Some said it was accidental
Some said it was ordained
Many were blamed
but more were blameworthy
Eventually no-one cared
because no-one was left to care
This must be the end
Terror, a tiger now uncaged
sought appetising virtue
Despair dashed down cul-de-sacs
tail between its legs
seeking shelter in despondency
Taurine apprehension blundered around
demolishing conscience
Melancholy circled overhead
searching for joy
ready to strip it bare
Snapping malice crawled from stagnant pools
stalking sensitivity
Confidence, a valiant mount, lay dying
starved of belief
Homo sapiens scuttled around
Lemmings searching for a cliff
which eventually they found
Or maybe not
Hope wearily unfurled its wings
muttered  “Here we go again”
and flew to meet
the emerging sun


0 #1 Sigrid 2021-12-10 09:12
I loved the human lemmings verse!