Like a Star by Rebecca Shivji

One of my earliest memories is of
huddling beside my Grandma,
staring up at the gloaming sky,
exhaling Milky Way-white clouds
from our warm mouths,
then, together singing
the children’s song
‘Star Light, Star Bright’,
before spotting a star
to wish upon.
As an adult, I can no longer
remember what we wished for,
or, even if our wish came true…
But, I do recall
that tingle of anticipation,
like an animal instinct,
which is reborn
every time I tiptoe outside
on a clear, dark night,
to pursue that first star.
Tonight, on December Eve,
I step outside to glance skywards.
The first star I see, seems to be
emitting a rose-coloured glow -
I whisper the song and make a wish,
before noticing how hundreds more stars
have suddenly become visible,
all bright with a promise of possibility
for those people who are willing to wish.
Like a star, hope shines from my mass.