Spring Cleaning by Gillian Popplewell

Washed all the blinds
Washed all the paint-work
That the side-board hides.
Washed all the lamp-shades
Washed all the bed sheets
Washed the shower curtain
Where soap and scum seeps.
All of that washing, all of that soap
Washing in readiness
For Spring’s renewed sense of hope.
I’ve steam-cleaned the carpet
I’ve shaken the rugs
Laundered the duvet
Disturbed all the bugs.
Removed all those bin bags
Disinfected the drawers
Rotated that floor mop
On the lino – on all fours.
All of that shaking, all of that elbow grease
Shaking in readiness
For Spring’s spiritual release.
I’ve dusted the T.V.
I’ve dusted the table
Dusted nooks and crannies’
As far as I’m able
I’ve dusted the staircase
I’ve dusted bed-heads
I’ve dusted the corners
Where daylight seldom treads.
All of that dusting, all that bees-wax
Dusting in readiness
For Spring’s renewed tracks.
I’ve cleared out my wardrobe
Jumpers semi-retired
I’ve cleared out my undies
Thermals not required.
I’ve cleared out the freezer
Salad days lie ahead
I’ve bleached that old tea-pot
Filled the ice-tray instead.
All of that clearing, making room for the new
As my mind, soul and body
Await Spring’s glorious view.