Just As I Please by Ian Hill


At some part of the day whenever I will

I’m quickly out the door climbing the hill

Out past the gardens verdant trimmed and neat

Wide open spaces and nature to greet

Up through the village out in open air

Sheep roam in the meadows nibbling there

Open skies and pasture mile after mile

Manicured golf course over gate and stile

Meandering trackways flow through the trees

Swaying and creaking along in the breeze

The beautiful scenery all for free

Where others walk and greet here just like me

Meandering through and over the hill

The lilies on a duck pond calm and still

Cresting on the track now and what a view

The West Pennine Moors and the windmills too

An ancient tower and a distant mill

A sense of history brooding here still

Walk by the golf course at the sixteenth green

Trespassing sheep here are eating it clean

Down into the valley out through the trees

Pause at the crossroads to go where I please

Over the railway past the ancient hall

In through the woodland out along the wall

Horses in the paddock heads nod and greet

Nibbling rabbits hopping round their feet

Down by the lakeside feeding ducks and geese

Gaggling and squawking never ever cease

Sit by the waterside where all is calm

Kids skimming stones there doing little harm

Fishermen sit there doing what they do

Others stand watching doing nothing too

Blue sailboat tacking by the farther shore

A tranquil scene I couldn’t ask for more

Picnic tables outside a café door

Dogs lap water from dishes on the floor

Plodding round the lakeside back through the wood

I’d do it each day if I possibly could

Under the blue sky drifting on the breeze

Communing with nature just as I please.