Freedom by Donna Hughes


The Highlands was my destination. Springtime was my claim

A beautiful location for a princely sporting game.

I headed for remotest lochs, the salmon to engage

And left behind the ticking clocks, my office and road rage.


Deep in the lochs o’er river rocks, I cast for hours to try

To catch the fish who simply mocked my efforts with the fly.

The darkest, deepest swirling pools reflected whorls of light.

The shadowy dell was green and cool, then came my first real bite.


I struck! He’s on! It’s him and me! That fish did fight me so.

I braced against a willow tree and let the line run low.

Then quickly I did whirl the reel in spite of drizzling rain.

I nearly had him, I could feel, then off he went again


We fought for half an hour or more my weariness was dire

The rain it eased the sun was weak but then I felt him tire.

Our fight was over very soon though winning joy was muted

When by the stunning setting sun my rival I saluted.


Gazing at that glorious lord he saw me and he knew.

I soothed him with a gentle word then slowly I withdrew.

Heading home alone to tend to work at racing pace

I’m glad I let my glittering friend swim free in wondrous grace.