Shock... by Eve Nortley

 I just say no.....

I dont want you,

You are an unwelcome and uninvited pest,

In my garden of Eden.

Like the serpent you coil around my body,

Invade my mind and torment my soul..even in my deepest slumbers you torture me.

With you present in my life,

I no longer feel whole.

The me that is my deepest me

no longer feels ...together,

My threads are shredding.

Between the minutiae of culinary domestic drudges I simmer and stock up grudges,

As the bouillon boils I rile,

I stare at the placid silver surface of the mirror and do not recognise the angry Gorgon in my view.

I will in time learn to love you, as a new part of me,

For I know in my heart

I am fearfully and wonderfully made ,

But right here,

Right now,

Your appearance in my ordered, pre ordered, organised and lovely life,

Well it's a shock!